Washington DC Corntoss Challenge

Penn Social
801 E St NW
Washington DC 20004
4/18/2015 12:00 PM - EST


Help YFALS National Corntoss Challenge Washington DC reach this year's goal of $20,000.00

Total: $25,974.10

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to this year's 2015 Young Faces of ALS Corntoss Tournament! It was a lot of fun and we were honored to have amazing patients Beth Hebron and Lisa McMillen in attendance! Thank you Lisa Murkowski for continuing to support Bottoms Up to Down ALS and the annual corn toss. We also feel privileged to have had VICE media choose this event as part of their documentary. It is through these fundraising efforts and the spreading of awareness that we will #endALS!! *cheers*

Our sincerest thanks to all participants and supporters!  Help us continue to raise that thermometer even higher--fundraise to #endALS!


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Washington DC Champion

Teresa Thurtle

Washington DC Champion

Please contact your city Champion at bottomsup2downals@gmail.com for more event information. If you have any questions about the YFALS website or registration, please contact events@als.net or call 617-441-7205.

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