Bay Area Corntoss

Bay Area Corntoss Challenge

Piedmont Community Hall
711 Highland Ave
Piedmont, CA 94611


Help Bay Area Corntoss reach this year's goal of $100,000.00

Total: $139,990.00

10:30 a.m. - Morning Tournament (recommended for players ages 12 and under)
12:30 p.m. - Afternoon Tournament (recommended for players ages 13 and above, but anyone can choose to play in either tournament)

The 7th annual YFALS Corntoss Challenge is moving from San Francisco to Piedmont! Every dollar raised benefits the ALS Therapy Development Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to finding a cure for ALS!

Join us for a day of Corntoss, music, craft beer, wine, food, kids games, and more. The event will start with a kids Corntoss tournament at 10:30 a.m., followed by a second Corntoss tournament for all ages at 12:30 p.m. (Please note, you do not have to play in a tournament to attend the event; there's no cost to just hang out.) In the afternoon, three bands will each perform on the stage of the BandWagon: the T Sisters, Vandella, and Chelsea Gilliland with Nicole Hebert & Gracie Ellis. The event will also feature beer from Russian River Brewing Company, Faction Brewing, Barrel Brothers Brewing Company, and Oakland United Beerworks.

Fundraising Competition:
We encourage everyone to fundraise (like you would for a charity walk or bike ride)! Prizes will be awarded to the top student fundraisers and to the top adult fundraisers. In addition, students will receive prizes for each $100 raised.

Fundraising Tips:
- Online Fundraising: An online fundraising page will be created for you automatically after you register as a Team, Volunteer, or Virtual Player. Send an email to your friends and family with a link to your fundraising page and/or share your page on social media!
- Canvas Your Neighborhood: Email to request a fundraising packet and then go door to door asking neighbors and friends for donations.

Questions about the event? Email

Jon Ferraiolo & Karen Kang
Stanley Macdonald & Andy Macdonald
David Peters & Paul Peters
Kate Moriarty & Molly Priedeman
Thora Harshman & Hector James
Corinne Lytle Bonine & Jeff Bonine
Nancy Lytle & Steve Lytle
Robin McNulty & Tyler Infelise
Team Nancy
Paul Salemme & Jet Flores
Bruce Carrier & Anne Menard
James Carrier & Madeleine Carrier
Rohan Srivastava & Ethan ten Grotenhuis
Jeannie Moore & Ken Moore
Mark Loper & Phillip Zackler
Sarah Holmgren & John Holmgren
Katie Skinner & Lindsey Stirrat
Kai Zimmer & Lorri Zimmer
Robin Alvarez & Esteban Alvarez
Joey Lalli & Adam Low
Quinn Porter & Nick Price
chris Conn & Tanner Thiel
Lisa Fuller & Katie Brackenridge
Sonja ten Grotenhuis & Gemma Boden
Alex Steady & Laura Passmore
Alex Steady & Laura Passmore
steve imhof & betsy imhof
Helen Potter & Henry Lambert
John Lambert & Charlie Lambert
Dayna Stanley & Craig Hallquist
Laura Pochop & Kathy Kelleher
Brian Kelleher & Chad Olcott
Tess Olcott & Josh Landeer
Robert Garcia & Saundra Garcia
Natalie Ferraiolo & Ali Cram Ross
Chris Thorsen & Larry Ricksen
Taylor Thorsen & Nick Duncan
Tim Maguire & Andy Barnette
Bob Lally & Kim Lally
Nate Olson & Justine Gananian
Dan Sallaberry & Marc Sallaberry
Claire Kozel & Blake Horsley
Michael Wong & Ben DeBerry
Claire OConnor & Brendan OConnor
Jerry OConnor & Katherine OConnor
Leah Gray & Kerry OConnor
Lindsay Hooberman & Rachel Manson
Phil Cardinale & Amy Cardinale
Mark Becker & Team Becker
Max Becker & Team Becker
Arpad Lazar & Hunter Horsley
Dan Kappes & Amelie Kappes
Anne Wheeler & Greg Wheeler
Blair Paige & Ellie Paige
Connor Paige & Kevin Paige
JP Parker & Christine Parker
Isabel Moss & Lydia Storella
Teresa Gilliland & Anika Gilliland

Top Non-Student Fundraisers


Bay Area Champion

Bay Area Champion

Bay Area Champion

Ted Reich, Clare Reich and Morgan Nelson

Bay Area Champions

Please contact your city Champions at, or for more event information. If you have any questions about the YFALS website or registration, please contact or call 617-441-7205.

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