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<h1>Cure Jon Team's Fundraising Page</h1>

Jon Ferraiolo is living life to its fullest.  He is not letting ALS define who he is or limit his ability to contribute to the world.  His positive spirit and good humor are inspiring.

He just wrote a book entirely with his eyes using eye-gaze technology.  He is choosing a computer voice to augment his own slow speech.  We have installed a ceiling track patient lift to ensure that he can remain at home.  He finds joy with family and friends, who definitely have not abandoned hope.  Our daughters, Nikki, Natalie and Allie Ferraiolo, visit often and take vacations with us to make the most of their time with Dad.  His beloved mini poodle, Pepe, is a constant companion on his lap. In this way, life is good.

Let\'s give Jon and others who have ALS the hope of a cure by funding breakthrough research and development at ALS Therapy Development Institute (  ALSTDI is a nonprofit that is the world’s foremost drug discovery center focused solely on ALS.  The center’s innovative science and cutting-edge approach has resulted in identification of AT-1501, a promising treatment for ALS.

Please join us by donating to our team and/or joining us for a fun day at the ALS Corntoss Challenge.  All gifts directly benefit ALSTDI, rated a four-star charitable organization by Charity Navigator.  Thank you!




  • Randy & Nanci Alcorn $1,500.00

    Karen, our heartfelt love, best wishes and prayers for you and Jon and your girls. Our hearts are with you and your family, old friend. Randy & Nanci

  • Regis McKenna $1,000.00

  • Joseph and Bette Hirsch $600.00

  • Karen Kang $500.00

  • Mary Orton $500.00

    Love you guys! Thanks for offering a way to help.

  • Randy Shinn $500.00

    Always thinking of you....

  • The Turner Family $500.00

    Jon inspires me every day.

  • Scott and Diane Lewis $500.00

    You are in our thoughts. Sending love!

  • Robin & Bill $500.00

  • gloria and bill symon $500.00

  • Moon Yun $500.00

  • Glenn and Bonnie Helton $500.00

    Jon is inspirational!

  • Nikki and Taunton $300.00


  • Anonymous $250.00

  • Ellen McNeil & Jim Wiltens $250.00

  • The Cassman-Reynolds $250.00

    This donation is in honor of Jon Ferraiolo.

  • Duke and Linda Chung $200.00

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • The Laminette Family $200.00

  • Ace Tago and Kate Jamentz $200.00

    Sorry we can't join you! Have a great day at the Corntoss

  • Dave Terry $200.00

    Jon, it looks like you have the support of some awesome women in your life. My own mother battled ALS for over 10 years and I know that with the proper science we can beat this one day soon. Keep th

  • Michael Vargo $200.00

  • Gregory Linden $200.00

  • Sarah Jacobson, Barry, Hannah & Abby Wolf $180.00

    We love you! Keep up that amazing spirit and fight!! You are all an inspiration...

  • Robin Wedell $100.00

    Thinking of you Jon!

  • Gordon Hamachi $100.00

  • Becky Gibson $100.00

  • Best wishes, Jon, keep up the spirit! $100.00

    Would love to read your book, Jon. I assume it is available as an EPUB?

  • The Peller family $100.00

  • David and Patricia $100.00

    Let's cure this asap! You know.

  • Valerie Kang $100.00

  • Rick Haselton $100.00

  • The Lucas-Conwell family $100.00

    Here's hoping for the cure to help Jon! We'll try to be there for the corn toss too, but just in case.. love, the Lucas-Conwell family

  • Dale Latham and Marilyn Happold-Latham $100.00

    Jon and Karen and their family are inspirational. Let's hope for a cure!!!

  • Richard Dermer $100.00

  • Ronda and Jeff Rosner $100.00

    Jon, you are an inspiration!

  • The McNulty Family $100.00

    Because Jon is the coolest guy we know. Love to you and your whole family from all of us.

  • Jim and Viki Brake $100.00

    Go Team Jon! Sending love and positive thoughts your way.

  • Anonymous $100.00

    In honor of Jon Ferraiolo who is an inspiration to all of us in how to live a full and happy life with the love of family and friends, never faltering with his humor and spirit.

  • Debbie Chong and Patti Tackeff $100.00

    Glad to make a donation. We need a cure for Jon and everyone else.

  • Allie Ferraiolo $100.00

    Love you Dad!

  • Danny Williams $100.00

  • Van Ho $100.00

  • David and Ruth Keefer $75.00

  • Donna Louie $50.00

    Aloha, Jon and family! Here's to finding and funding a cure.

  • Cure Jon Team $25.00

    The Kang-Ferraiolo Clan is a constant inspiration. Sending much love to you all!

  • Matthew Dougherty $25.00

  • The Hardy Family Hidden

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to do something for Jon and the ALS patients.

  • Glen Hartley and Lynn Chu Hidden

  • Bill Johnson & Terri Lobdell Hidden

    Love to all of you.

  • Paton Lewis & Maria Winkler Hidden

    Looking forward to reading your book, Jon. Wishing you all the best.

  • Bobbe Ferraiolo Hidden

  • Laurie & John David Hidden

    Love you guys.

  • Ron Richardson Hidden

  • Richard Cohn Hidden

  • Andrew Kang and Mike Tornetta Hidden

  • Pamela Smith Hidden

  • Andrea Westersund and Ken Jones Hidden

    You are amazing, Jon! Wishing you the best!

  • Nataliya Rovenskaya Hidden

    Thinking of you always Nikki, Jon, and the whole Ferraiolo family.

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