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Raising funds for a potential ALS drug

<h1>Deadliest Tossers, #PFD's Fundraising Page</h1>

We are back! It's that time in DC! Corntoss time. TIme for Jenny and Lisa to play and hopefully win the tournement this year...!

Why are we doing this? I think by now you all know it's to rasie awareness for ALS. But this year the stakes are a bit higher. ALS TDI has a drug that they have tested and out of the drugs they have tested over the years, AT-1501. In preclinical testing, AT-1501 produced the best outcomes...some of the best ALS TDI has seen in the over 300 drugs tested since the inception of ALS TDI.

ALS TDI needs about 5 million dollars to get this to clinical trial. That is a huge amount of money, we know. But what ever we can raise at our Corntoss will bring us that much closer to the 5M and it will be more that TDI has now. This drug is a huge deal. It could really really make a difference in the course of ALS. It could change it completely. It could slow the disease down and help keep muscle healthier longer.

The one thing always think about when I think about the possibility of this drug getting to trial and then hopefully to market, is how it could help with swallowing. Pat LOVED his Grande Mochas!  When it got to the point that he couldn’t swallow anymore, that was one of the things he missed the most. Yes, we were able to put his Mocha in his feeding tube, and he got the coffee/sugar jolt that way. But he missed tasting it. If this drug could help Pat swallow his mocha for a longer amount of time, that would have made him happy.  Of course, he missed the really really big things like walking, using his arms, hands, and driving, but really it was the simple things of the day that made life livable for him…like sipping a mocha.

We hope you consider making a donation on Pat's behalf and on behalf of our family. ALS is a horrible disease and no family should have to live with it in their lives, or live through the aftermath of ALS no longer being a part of your life. Thanks, Jenny and Lisa




  • Mike Karen Emily Grace Luke & Sean Murkowski $1,000.00

  • Pam Laird $100.00

  • The Sturgulewskis $50.00

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