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Helping to end ALS

This summer I am participating in the YFALS Atlanta Corntoss Challenge to find an effective treatment for ALS in memory of my dad, who died in 2007. To coincide with the 10th anniverary of his passing, I'm trying to raise an additional $8,667.76 to reach an overall amount of $50,000. Please support my efforts, as I would greatly appreciate any support you can provide---no matter the amount.

Learn more about my efforts at www.dicksdevotees.org.




  • Joseph NORTHINGTON &Timothy Tew $1,000.00

    Good luck, Sam!

  • George Case III $500.00

  • Wesley Jones $250.00

  • The Livnat family $200.00

    Good luck on raising this money and hope that this cure will get approve very soon with all your great effort.

  • Elisa and Bobby Ezor $180.00

    So proud of you Sam!

  • Gillman Family $108.00

  • Rene Stoll - East Cobb Test Prep $100.00

  • Merle Joy Turchik $100.00

    Great work, Sam!

  • Diane Christian $100.00

  • Sue Ross $100.00

  • The Dalesio Family $100.00

  • The Gardner Family $100.00

  • Andy & Caryn Siegel $100.00

    Keep up the great work!!

  • Berney Bridges $100.00

    Thank you, Sam, for your incredible commitment to finding a cause and cure for ALS. You inspire us all. Berney

  • The Family of Carly Berman $100.00

  • Allan & Vaneesa $100.00

  • Marc & Carole Salzberg $100.00

  • The Bittner Family $100.00

  • the pollinger family $100.00

  • The Bittner Family $100.00

  • Anonymous $100.00

    This is a noble cause. We wish you much positive encouragement as you forge ahead with your fund raising effort. You father did not pass in vain as you carry his torch for all of us.

  • Hillary and Hannah Saban $100.00

    I hope they find a cure!

  • The Abravanel Family $100.00

  • Nikki and Kavita Sharma $100.00

  • Rachel Kaplan $100.00

  • Ed & Kate $100.00

    Sam is da man!

  • Kate Buechler $100.00

  • Thomas Caudell $100.00

  • Barbara Mast James $100.00

    My last night's yoga class earnings (after rent) were donated to your cause. :)

  • Elaine & Jerry $54.00

    Dear Sam - We wish you the best and admire all you do to help find a cure for ALS. Elaine & Jerry

  • Bob and Jody Maleeny $50.00

  • Necia Halpern Apfel $50.00

    For Dick's Devotees

  • The Dichtenberg Family $50.00

    Best of luck Sam!

  • Omer Friedman $50.00

    In memory of your dad

  • Matthew Sidewater and family $50.00

    In memory of Dick Halpern and in honor of Sam Halpern. May your efforts help to eradicate this horrible disease.

  • The Wohlberg Family $50.00

  • Shannan Berzack and family $50.00

    Kol ha kavod on this beautiful way to honor your father.

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Dan Berger and Bethann Johnston $50.00

  • Judith Freeman $50.00

  • Marianna Rothschild $50.00

  • Kennedy $50.00

  • Harry Goldfein $36.00

    This is a great thing you're doing

  • The Gold Family $36.00

  • Scott and Shelley Kaplan $36.00

    We are so proud of you, Sam. May the memory of your Dad remain an eternal blessing to all of us who were honored and privileged to know and love him. Scott and Shelley Kaplan

  • Debbie Rubin $36.00

  • The Levy Family $36.00

    Sam, in memory of your Dad. Xoxo

  • Olim Family $36.00

    Good luck reaching your goal! I am sure your dad would be so proud of you!

  • The Vexler family $36.00

  • The Slomka Family $36.00

  • Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler $36.00

  • The Horesh Family $36.00

  • The Deutsch Family $36.00

  • Gary and Yvette McFall $25.00

  • Caroline Wolfe $25.00

    Keep up the good work Sam!

  • The Harrell family $25.00

  • Mark Jenkins $25.00

  • William Godwin $25.00

  • Barrie Reisler $20.00

  • Elizabeth (Betsey) Krause $20.00

    Sam, you are doing good things!

  • The Rabinowitz Family $18.00

  • Dick's devotees $18.00

  • Rina and Jack Wolfe $18.00

    So proud of you for making a difference

  • The Bronfman Family Hidden

    Dear Sam, thank you for your email and all you are doing to help others defeat ALS. The Bronfman Family (parents of sophomore Sam Bronfman).

  • Rabbi Ed Harwitz Hidden

    Kudos to Sam Hailpern for his leadership in this great cause.

  • Ronald Goldman Hidden

  • Dressler Family Hidden

  • Eric Lieberman Family Hidden

  • The Abramsons Hidden

  • The Grossman Family Hidden

  • Adam and Ella Klein Hidden

    Keep up the awesome work Sam!

  • The Glusman Family Hidden

  • Feig/Berlin Family Hidden

  • Tessler Family Hidden

    Hope you reach your goal! Madison and Mallory Tessler

  • Vicki Cunneen Hidden

    Good luck with your fundraising. Wish it could be more

  • Janet & Hilton Kupshik Hidden

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