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<h1>The Nancy Sallaberry ALS Research's Fundraising Page</h1>

Family and friends, as many of you know, our mom, Nancy Sallaberry, was diagnosed with ALS a little over 2 years ago. The news was devastating to our family and has been incredibly difficult to come to terms with.

Nancy is a beacon of positivity and optimism and is one of the most resilient people there is. She carries the heaviest burden on her shoulders yet SHE has courageously guided our family through this time of immense adversity. If you think about the last time you were with her it probably was not apparent because she continues to live life with her radiant smile and charm, always putting others before herself. Unfortunately, despite her remarkable fortitude, the disease is continuing to progress.

When most of us think of ALS we think of an inevitably terminal disease. However, from what our family has learned over the last couple years we feel strongly that this is not the case. ALS experts are confident, our family is confident, Nancy is confident that ALS is not an incurable disease, but is simply underfunded.

Over the past few years you, our friends and family, have generously raised over $42,000 for ALS research! Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the outpouring of love and support you all have shown.

To build on this momentum, we’re continuing the effort to raise money to find a cure. If you would like to contribute this year you can make a donation on this page. We are lucky to have an anonymous donor who has promised that if we raise more than $5,000 they will match it up to $10,000! We would also like to invite you to join us at the YFALS National Corntoss Challenge fundraiser on June 4th at 12:30 pm at the Piedmont Community Hall. There will be Cornhole, food, drinks, and music to bring people together to raise awareness for ALS. You can register your team of two to compete in the event through the YFALS Corntoss challenge website or just swing by to hang out. We look forward to seeing everyone who can make it out to the event and are eternally grateful for everyone’s continued support

Marc, Luc and Dan Sallaberry




  • Anonymous $10,000.00

    We are honored to provide our committed matching gift and joining your loyal donors.

  • Ray and Stephanie Lane $5,000.00

    Kick ALS' ass Nancy!

  • With love The Horowitz Family $1,000.00

  • Geoffrey and Suzanne Ashton $1,000.00

    In full support of your fundraising efforts, we hope this helps!!

  • Bob & Siri Berg $1,000.00

    With love to your entire family

  • Ron and Joyce $1,000.00

  • Betsy and Dave Skuce $1,000.00

  • The Pompili Family $1,000.00

  • Bill and Rita Patterson $1,000.00

    We are with you all the way, Nancy!!!

  • WYATT and the gang $1,000.00

  • Debbie and George $1,000.00

    Paul, Nancy and the boys... praying for everyone

  • Laurie and Bill Conroy $1,000.00

  • Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood & Campora, LLP $1,000.00

    Happy to contribute to this worthy cause - Robert Buccola

  • Kathy Feldman $1,000.00

    Meant to donate months ago. This slipped through the cracks. So sorry. Nancy! Keep up the good work you do! You are an inspiration to all. And while we are at it -- Let's kick ALS to the curb on

  • Janice Totten McGlashan (Jani) $1,000.00

    I am so sorry to hear about this. Would love to connect when you feel up to it..

  • Marc, Luc, and Dan Sallaberry $500.00

    Mom, we love you so much and will always be behind you in your fight against ALS!

  • Anonymous $500.00

  • Mark and Debra Leslie $500.00

  • The Mayerson Family $500.00

    Nancy, you and your family are an inspiration to us all! xoxo

  • Your cousins...Patsy, Joyce, Judi, Marsha $500.00

    Sending love and positive thoughts and prayers for miracles!!

  • The LeMieux Family $500.00

    Praying for a cure!!

  • The Ham Girls $500.00

    Vamos Team Nancy!

  • The Baloff Family $500.00

    We love you Nancy!

  • Kristi Perez $500.00

    With love

  • Reese Williams IV $500.00

  • Aunt Dodi $300.00

    With love...

  • Anonymous $300.00

  • HH $250.00


  • The Olson Family $250.00

    With love, The Olson Family

  • The Lockwood Family $250.00

  • Anonymous $200.00

  • Love from the Edises Family $200.00

  • Keith & Janice Davis $200.00

  • Carl & Stephanie $200.00

    With love and support!

  • Greg and Valerie $200.00

  • Anne Lannan $200.00

  • Ajay Kapur and Pamela Kong $200.00

  • Michele Wolpe $200.00

    Sending you love and strength

  • Anonymous $150.00

  • Joe Cain $100.00

  • The Winn Family $100.00

  • Case & Lexie $100.00

  • Alex Bassi $100.00

  • Lauren $100.00

  • Bill Salmen $100.00

  • the Lindquist crew $100.00

  • The Rivera family $100.00

    Sending our love and best wishes!

  • Julia Massa $100.00

  • Dory Shaw Ford $100.00

    What an inspiration you are! It's my pleasure to donate in support of a cure for ALS -- and you beating this disease.

  • Joan and Ted Grossman $100.00

  • Frank & Melissa $100.00

  • Lily Hamilton and her two sisters $100.00

    We're with you 100% Nancy. We Love you!

  • Vince $100.00

    With love

  • Bassett Family $100.00

    Nancy,you are an inspiration to us all!

  • Judi Nelson $100.00

    With love and support

  • Dominique and Family $100.00

    With Love

  • Marty and Diane Brandt $100.00

    Sending you our love.

  • The Hoban family $100.00

  • Freddy & Lois Brixey $100.00

    ❤️ You

  • Trip and Paula Ray $100.00

    You got this!

  • Brittany Davis $100.00

    Love you Nancy!

  • Tib and Pam Belza $100.00

  • Walter and Ann Loving $100.00

  • Jacob Salazar $100.00

  • Theresa and Bob Burke $100.00

    We are in awe of the Sallaberry courage and love being able to support the fight!

  • Mike & Julienne Rosser $100.00

  • The Veneman Family $100.00

    Much love

  • Don and Toni Cabral $100.00

  • Austin Baloff $50.00

    Best wishes to Nancy and the whole family

  • Lazar Family $50.00

    <3 Nancy <3

  • The Sandhu Family $50.00

  • zach lipps $50.00

  • Chris Cummings $50.00

  • The Whittam Family $25.00

  • Anonymous $25.00

  • Mindy Rogers Hidden

  • Mary and Steve Rudolph Hidden

    With our love and support. GO TEAM NANCY!!!

  • The Bruni Family Hidden

    One great lady!!!!

  • The Beaulieu Family Hidden

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