Atlanta Corntoss Challenge

Chimney Springs Homeowners Association
2465 Hearthstone Cir
Marietta, GA 30062
5/12/2018 9:50 AM - EST


Help YFALS National Corntoss Challenge Atlanta reach this year's goal of $15,000.00

Total: $5,190.00

IMPORTANT: There is a cap of 20 teams this year so make sure to register early!!


The Atlanta Corntoss Challenege will directly support ALS research at the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI). Currently, the Institute has a potential effective treatment for ALS called AT-1501, but needs financial support to enter FDA trials while continuing their other research. Additionally, ALS TDI runs the Precision Medicine Program, which collects patient data for use in research and allows those patients access to their own data. Learn more about AT-1501 here, and the Precision Medicine Program here.

Join us!
Please join us for an afternoon of fun, good food, and Corntoss at Chimney Springs Homeowners Association! If you can't attend, please consider donating. The tournament entry fee is $50 per team (2 players per team) - includes 1 t-shirt, food, and 1 adult beverage per player. For those hanging out it will be $10/person - includes 1 t-shirt.

Sammy Wong
My father was the best at cheering people up. His exuberant laugh was contagious and heart warming. In high school, I was working on my math homework and my sister was writing an essay about the book "The Grapes of Wrath". He grabbed some grapes from the fridge and put it on my math homework and exclaimed "The Grapes of Math!" One time my mother tried to make a new recipe for enchiladas and let's just say we were not fans. We went on a walk after dinner and dad turned my mom's frown upside down by chanting " Food" and marching to the beat. We got a Frisbee stuck up in a tree one day and he came up with the brilliant idea to throw an ax at it to knock it out. He missed the Frisbee and we all feared for our life as it came crashing to the ground, ax side down. Like he always used to say we MSZ/LVZ (missing-z, loving-z), but he will always be remembered.

Sam Halpern
The day after getting a haircut when I was two years old, my mom left me with my Dad while she was out with my sister. I decided my hair was still too long, so I took a pair of scissors and cut my hair to my scalp. This was all in front of my Dad, who was completely oblivious reading the newspaper! You could say my mom wasn't too happy with either of us when she got home. Because he died of ALS when I was seven, I don't have many more stories, but I do remember being in his workshop with him. Also, I remember sitting on his lap for hours on end while he sat at his desk on the computer. Using his computer camera, he would sometimes take photos of the two of us sitting there.

There are currently no virtual players registered for YFALS National Corntoss Challenge Atlanta.
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Atlanta Champion

Samantha Wong and Sam Halpern

Atlanta Champions

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