How to Play Corntoss

Corntoss has been called many things: Bean Bag, Bean Toss, Soft Horseshoes, Indiana Horseshoes, to name a few. Whatever you call it, Corntoss is a lawn game in which players take turns throwing Corntoss bags (cotton bags filled with corn) at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. These platforms are usually made with plywood and are often painted or decorated with logos or images. A corn bag in the hole scores three points, while one on the platform scores one point. Play continues until a player reaches a score of 21.

Corntoss supposedly originated in Germany in the 14th century, and was then rediscovered in the hills of Kentucky over 100 years ago. No one really knows for sure, but the game is great fun for all ages and can be played anywhere!

The game is generally played tournament style with an individual or team being named the champion at the end of the tournament.

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