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Matt Bellina

About Me

Matt was diagnosed with ALS in April of 2014, though he had shown symptoms of the disease as early as 2006. He graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2005 and received his commission into the US Navy. Matt went through flight training to become a Naval Aviator. Years later, while in the RAG in Whidbey Island, Washington he was medically grounded and thus began the road to the diagnosis he received in 2014. While he no longer is able to fly naval aircraft, Matt now holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander (RET).

Matt, his wife Caitlin, and their two young boys transferred back to the East Coast in order to be close to family and friends. They know they will need the support and love as they face this obstacle. Matt is the first in his family to face this diagnosis. Prior to being diagnosed, Matt had been on message boards supported by ALS TDI. He knew it was a lab he could get behind should his symptoms prove to be what he feared. Matt and his father were privileged to tour the lab shortly after his diagnosis. They were both impressed with the research, equipment and the staff that work so hard to find a cure for this disease. After seeing what ALS TDI can (and will) do, Matt has decided to throw all his efforts at fundraising for the lab. He became a Young Faces of ALS (YFALS) Ambassador shortly after his diagnosis.

What's New with Me

Congratulations to Matt, Caitlin and the Band of Bellinas for recently rasing $80,000 for ALS research through the Augie's Quest Clubs for a Cure Program! Click the follow to read more: Newtown Athletic Club holds fundraiser for ALS research

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