Alyssa Reardon

Alyssa Reardon


About Me

• Diagnosed in 2006 at age 20 • Involved in ALS TDI, MDA and ALS Association • Designed women shoes called "Red Alerts" as well as men and women scrubs which raise awareness for ALS and proceeds go to the ALS Clinic at Emory

What's New with Me

I was 20yrs old, NOT even legally allowed to drink alcohol, but I was allowed to be diagnosed with a terminal illness without hope! Doesn't seem right does it? People are being diagnosed with ALS younger and younger everyday. If we do not find a cure soon, forget about saving money for your child's college fund, your daughter's wedding or your own retirement. You're going to need every penny for their medical expenses, making your house accessible for someone who is in a wheelchair, hospital bed etc. In this economy millions have lost their jobs and health insurance. ALS without insurance=BANKRUPTCY! Help us stop this disease before it becomes an epidemic!

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