Kristin Quinn

Kristin Quinn


About Me

Kristin Quinn is originally from Western New York but has lived in the Washington, D.C., area since 2009. She works in communications and magazine publishing, and applies her skills as a writer and editor toward various ALS fundraising and awareness campaigns. In 2013, Kristin testified at the first ever FDA hearing on ALS. Kristin is from a familial ALS family and has lost many relatives to this disease. Her mother, Deb, has ALS, and her brother, Dustin, is an asymptomatic gene carrier. Kristin also underwent genetic testing and learned she does not carry her family's ALS gene mutation. She and her family are participants in the ALS TDI Precision Medicine Program. Kristin is dedicated to doing all she can to find a treatment or cure for ALS to help her family members and everyone affected by this horrific disease.

What's New with Me

Watch this video or listen to this webinar to learn more about Kristin and her family. 

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