Michael Winston

Michael Winston


About Me

• Diagnosed in 2008 at the young age of 24, Died 2013 • Inspired by Michael, friends and family created Winning for Winston (W4W), a fundraising group dedicated to raising funds for ALS • W4W has raised $560k+ for ALS TDI thus far

After many tests the doctor said, "With these results, I would say you have Lou Gehrig's disease but you are too young for that." He sent me to Mayo Clinic. (Mayo Clinic, October 1, 2008) He came into the room...We got the news we dreaded. I have ALS. What happens next is the difference between ALS and any other disease. When a doctor diagnoses a person with cancer, diabetes, heart disease or whatever, the next part of the conversation is "What do we do about it?" whether it be surgery, chemotherapy or medication. When a person is diagnosed with ALS, the only thing a doctor can say is "I'm sorry."

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